Reaching out to customers

Our business is to publish and sell books in various formats. In doing so we help achieve our purpose of inspiring children to read. But of course we are a commercial organisation, the UK’s leading publisher of children’s books. We depend on the relationships we establish and maintain. Only through those relationships can we sell books effectively.

Particularly important to us are the relationships we have with people and companies in the book trade. These might be booksellers or online retailers. Through partnerships with them we aim to sell as many books as possible because that’s an objective we share. We are based in the UK and we have sales teams here but we also operate internationally. Our books are sold in every area of the globe and we always welcome contact from the book trade in other countries.

If you would like to find out more about the full range of our publishing, our catalogue will give you a clear view. Have a look at the links on the right to either download PDF versions or to view online.

As a new service we have set up CanDo Publishing. Through CanDo we work with customers in the business world to create exclusive book products for retailers or as sales premiums for FMCG customers.

Book Catalogue 2014

2014 Catalogue

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