A little piece of history

Once upon a time – well, 18 May 1878 actually – a 17-year-old boy found a coin on a Copenhagen pavement. At the time the boy, whose name was Egmont H Petersen, was on his way to start his own printing business. As he was using his mother’s money to buy his first printing press, finding the coin seemed like a lucky omen.

It was.

This fairy tale came true. Egmont ran his own business from his mother’s kitchen while it grew and grew. Soon he had to move his printing operation into a bigger space. Again and again. In about a dozen years he was recognised as Denmark’s finest printer, by appointment to the Royal Danish Court.

Over the next century and more the company continued to grow. Books, magazines, films. Characters in films, TV, magazines, books, ebooks and apps. Technology changed beyond all recognition. Egmont stayed true to its constant desire to encourage reading, to tell stories, to entertain people.

In 2012 Egmont Group is a world-leading media organisation in more than 30 countries, with a structure like no other. It is owned by a charitable foundation set up by the original Egmont H Petersen and still firmly committed to ethical principles.