There's a real joy in reading. Look at a child lost in a story. Feel the bond between the child and a parent reading to that child – or the child reading to the parent.
It's wonderful.

We want that sense of wonder to happen more and more. That's our reason for being. Nothing gives us greater joy than one more girl or boy inspired to read.

What's the story?

  • Egmont is the UK's biggest children's publisher
  • We publish only for children: they're our main focus not a sideline
  • Egmont Group, Scandinavian in origin, is one of the world's biggest media companies
  • We're a private company owned by a charitable foundation
  • We sell more than 25 million books and 12 million magazines a year
  • Number 2 in the UK children's book market, number 1 in the character book market and number 2 in magazines
  • We've a team of many talents, more than 200 people based in our new London offices
  • Our titles and authors are loved by children, parents and teachers
  • We're big enough to have an impact, small enough to care