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Packed with cool fun and gross gags, TOXIC is THE lifestyle magazine for boys

  • TOXIC is filled with fun features, great competitions, pull-out posters, cool facts, gags and monster mayhem.
  • No other title gives more coverage of boys’ entertainment, from sports and video games, to movies, TV and toys.
  • TOXIC features the latest cool products, events and trends that impact on boys' lives, and puts the emphasis firmly on fun and slimy slapstick.
  • The magazine is also home to Team TOXIC, a bunch of wacky, slimy and downright stinky cartoon characters who present their own gags, comics and hilarious fun every issue. Every issue is bagged with fantastic gifts.
  • Boys can watch the funniest videos, play the hottest games and win exclusive competition prizes on the new look Toxic website,

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Target age7 - 12

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