The Drowning Pond - OP

Author: Forde, Catherine

The Drowning Pond is a gritty, fast-paced thriller from award-winning author Catherine Forde.

Nicky's the least popular girl in school, and the glossy friends who were briefly interested in her are bored. She'll do anything to keep them. Nicky can get back in with the it crowd by picking on Loopy Loner Lizzie. Hallowe'en at the Drowning Pond is about to become pure evil.


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The Drowning Pond - OP

Publication date:
7 April 2008

Format: Paperback

Age range: 9+

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  • ISBN: 9781405239653
  • Pages: 320
  • Dimensions: 198x129mm
  • Type: Book
  • Gender: Both