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Releasing the potential of a child’s imagination

Imagination is extraordinary. Perhaps it’s the most distinctively human of attributes. A child’s imagination is the most extraordinary of all and our role – with authors, artists, parents and others – is to help grow the imaginative potential of every child.

The best way to do this is through reading. We believe there’s a joy in reading, and that joyful writing can release it best for any child. It can come through the reading of books – printed books, in the traditional way. Or it can come through the reading of ebooks, apps, comics, magazines created to fire the imaginations of children.

So we are experts in reading – not in reading schemes but in finding ways to excite children through stories, pictures and characters that capture their imaginations. We also believe this works best as a partnership. The act of an adult reading with a child is a wonderful social experience that makes reading a natural and joyful activity.

Reading isn't always easy, but it should always be fun. We've put together some tips to help make reading together and choosing books a little bit easier. You can look through our full reading guide here or you can find more reading advice by clicking by age on the left.

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