Reaching Out to Our Customers

Our purpose above all else is to inspire children to read. To do that – to get our books out there – we depend on the relationships we build and maintain. Only through those relationships can we sell books effectively and reach our readers.

This means the relationships we have with people and companies in the book trade are particularly important to us. Whether you’re a bookseller, supermarket, online retailer or department store, we see you as our partner. Together, we want to reach as many readers as possible by selling our books. Books that we’re all passionate about.

Are you a retailer looking for an exclusive book product? We can do that. We’ve set up CanDo Publishing, which works with customers in the business world to create exclusive products for retailers or as sales premiums for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods customers, such as a voucher collect on a soft drink.

You can discover our whole range of publishing by browsing our catalogue – just click on one of the links to download a pdf or view it online.

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International Sales

We don’t just love reaching readers in the UK – we sell our books to a wide range of customers across the world.
As an established international children’s publisher, our relationship with you is a partnership. From creating and developing new ideas to honing them until the finished product is delivered to your door – we are there for you.

Through co-edition printing, we are proud to produce our books in a variety of languages. Many of our brilliant picture books are now enjoyed by young readers around the world – books by authors such as Jan Fearnley, Lydia Monks and Helen Stephens. If you’re looking for a bestseller, we offer co-printing opportunities for beloved characters like Winnie-the-Pooh and Thomas the Tank Engine, for digital games such as Minecraft, and series including Mr Gum and Michael Grant’s action thriller, BZRK.

Through our export business, you can buy English language copies of our titles wherever you might be. It’s extremely gratifying that our classic characters such as Tintin and Mr. Men and fiction bestsellers from Enid Blyton and Michael Morpurgo are sold in bookstores across the world. Our aim is for our books to inspire as many readers as possible – wherever you are, whatever language you speak.

If you have an international query relating to a trade order please contact the team:

Tel: +44 (0)141 306 3296
Fax: +44 (0)208 237 4334


International Sales

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Magazine Advertising

Are you looking for great advertising exposure? We can offer you a wealth of creative solutions across our portfolio of 20 magazine titles, targeting children from 2 to 16 years.

Consumer insight is at the heart of what we do. We know how parents and children interact with our content so we can give you innovative, interactive and engaging solutions that perfectly target this dual readership.

We can take your objectives, product and target audience, then recommend standard and tailored solutions. We can also offer direct response, data-capture and product sampling. Want more? Our cross-title packages will give you maximum and targeted exposure. Whatever the format – advertisements, advertorials, switch-over, sponsored editorial, competitions, cover mounts and much more – our expert team will get it right for you.

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