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Egmont is to publish a sustainable-fashion bible for eco-conscious teenagers from expert author Sarah Klymkiw.

Fashion Conscious is an empowering call-to-arms for the Greta Thunberg generation, offering an in-depth look at the fashion industry and a range of ways that young people can become campaigners for change.

Sarah Klymkiw brings a wealth of eco-knowledge to this highly topical non-fiction commission. A lecturer at London universities including the London College of Fashion, Klymkiw has written about ethical fashion for The Guardian and acted as consultant on sustainability for the BBC’s Great British Sewing Bee and the V&A’s fashion projects.

Designed and illustrated by Kim Hankinson, Fashion Conscious is the first children’s book to tap into the sustainable fashion zeitgeist and will publish ahead of London Fashion Week 2020 and Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign.

Melissa Fairley, Publishing Director, signed the deal for World Rights in all languages with Klymkiw and Hankinson directly.

Fashion Conscious will publish on 20 August 2020 and will be supported by a UK-wide marketing and PR campaign.

As testament to Klymkiw’s passion for making the world a greener place, the book will be printed using vegetable ink and feature a plastic-free cover. Presented in an upbeat magazine-style format, Fashion Conscious encourages social activism in small achievable steps – from swapping or mending your own clothes through to investigating a fashion brand’s ‘green’ claims for validity before buying. It is a must-have guide for anyone with a passion for both their wardrobe and the world.

Sarah Klymkiw said, ‘Never has it been so important to consider the impact that our clothing choices have on our planet. After reading this book, I want young people to shake up the fashion world – to demand answers and to take action both as conscious consumers and active citizens.

We have the power to collectively change the world with a change of clothes.’

Fashion Conscious editor Lisa Edwards said, ‘Anyone who reads this book will not see their wardrobe in the same way ever again. It will inspire you to rediscover the hidden gems you already own and help you make informed decisions about the clothes you add to your collection, ensuring your impact on the environment is kept to an absolute minimum.’

About the Author and Illustrator

Sarah Klymkiw is a sustainable fashion expert. She has created practical activities, presentations and discussions on the topic of fashion and the environment used by in classrooms globally.

A regular guest lecturer at Goldsmiths University and London College of Fashion, she often speaks at universities across London and the UK on fashion ethics and sustainability and has spoken at industry conferences to highlight positive solutions to improve how we produce, consume, use and dispose of clothing.

She has designed creative sustainable fashion projects for UK music festivals, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Southbank Centre.

Kim Hankinson is an artist, illustrator, designer and author living in North London. She has worked for several major publishing houses and smaller independents in positions from Art Director to agent-represented artist.