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Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2021Egmont are thrilled to publish the first ever annual celebrating the legendary fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Hans Cartensen has acquired English language rights in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and English Language Export from Wizards of the Coast, licensed by Hasbro.

Dungeons & Dragons was launched from a basement in Wisconsin back in 1974 and is the first fantasy roleplaying game. Today the game boasts over 40 million players worldwide.

More than 40 years after the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons hit shelves, video platforms Twitch and YouTube as well as its depiction on popular TV shows, including Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory, are leading a renaissance of the fantasy roleplaying game. What make Dungeons & Dragons so special, and more popular than it has ever been, is the collaborative storytelling.

The Dungeons & Dragons Official Annual brings together everything that makes the cultural phenomenon so enthralling. There are helpful guides from an expert Dungeon Master on how to play through campaigns with friends, or even run them. There are profiles on the characters, classes and monsters that make up the rich lore of Dungeons & Dragons, insight from community figures around the world and tonnes of tricky activities and puzzles that will stump even the wisest wizard.

John Packard, Publishing Director at Egmont says “Egmont are the number one publisher of Annuals* in the UK – we are delighted to have the iconic and hugely popular Dungeons & Dragons join our highly successful portfolio in 2020. This 96pp annual will delight fans of all ages and allow those new to Dungeons & Dragons to discover what makes it so compelling.”

*Nielsen TCM 2019 data

Dungeons & Dragons Annual is published 29th October 2020 £9.99

For all ages 11+