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Go Girl magazine have launched a blisteringly good competition to celebrate their summer issue.

Go Girl magazine is one of the biggest pre-teen magazine in the UK, with over 36,000 loyal readers every month!

Each issue features 32 pages of interactive activities, celebs, movie news, and stories that help readers express their creativity and learn the values of friendship and self-expression. It will definitely make them LOL too!

Issue 275 is our special Go Girl summer bumper pack, featuring an incredible range of treats, activities and articles for pre-teens.

As well as our fun Go Girl magazine crammed full of articles, facts, games and stories, the summer bumper pack includes a special unicorn magazine, five fun posters, quizzes and games, a Smooshy Mushy sticker sheet, a Jacqueline Wilson book sample, a unicorn sticker pack, and many more special treats!

To celebrate this special summer issue, Go Girl has launched the amazing Go Girl Challenge, its very first drawing contest.

We invite all our readers and their friends to enter our three amazing challenges and show their best arty-self.

The 3 challenges are:

  • Design a mood board of the must-have items you always have in a holiday bag
  • Draw your favourite reading corner
  • Transform items into beautiful decoration

For instructions and prize information head to the Go Girl Magazine Challenge website.

The Go Girl challenge is open from 18 July to 31 October 2018.