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On 19 October 2017 Egmont Publishing will launch the first book from the hugely popular SacconeJoly family – The SacconeJolys and the Great Cat-Nap!

In an exclusive video made for WHSmith, Jonathan SacconeJoly shares ten children’s books which inspired him to write The SacconeJolys and the Great Cat-Nap.

Jonathan and Anna SacconeJoly have been sharing entertaining and honest vlogs about their everyday family life for years. Originally from Ireland and now living in London, they’ve taken people through their engagement, births of their three children (Emilia, Eduardo and Alessia), and their everyday lives at home – as well as sharing the antics of their six Maltese dogs.

The SacconeJolys and the Great Cat-Nap is the story of six Maltese puppies on a mission to be the Best. Dogs. Ever! Emilia wants something that only a girl with six dogs would want – a cat! Her six dogs make it their mission to help, and they attempt to cat-nap a local moggy. But no matter how hard they try, they are foiled by cunning cat. How will the Friendliest Friends help Emilia get her wish?

Beautifully illustrated by Francesca Gambatesa, The SacconeJolys and the Great Cat-Nap is published by Egmont Publishing on 19 October 2017. Order your copy from WHSmith now.