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Joe Colquhoun


Joe Colquhoun was a British comics artist best known for his work Charley's War in Battle Picture Weekly. Joe was born in Harrow and served in the navy during WWII. His career in comics began in 1951 in Jungle Trails, and he went on to work for IPC Media on titles such as Lion, and later Tiger, where he drew Roy of the Rovers for six years, from 1954 to 1960.

In the early 1970s he worked mainly for IPC's humour comics Buster and Cor!!, until Battle Picture Weekly came along in 1976. For Battle he drew Soldier Sharp: the Rat of the Rifles and Johnny Red before editor Dave Hunt assigned him to work on Pat Mills' First World War story Charley's War in 1978.

After Charley's War finished in 1986 Colquhoun drew for Mask until his death in 1987.