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r.r.p £10.99

Hide and Spot: Zoo on the Move


Is that a gorilla riding a train? Is that an elephant on the building site? And look - there's even a snake in outer space! 

The animals have escaped from the zoo and Geoffrey the zookeeper needs to round them up quickly before they cause too much trouble. Use a magic lens to help him round up the animals in this new series from extraordinary artist, Lo Cole. Can you spot them all? 

Discover animals hiding in packed scenes full of cars, planes, spaceships and much more! Hide-and-seek excitement bursting from every spread in Lo Cole's unique and instantly recognizable style. The perfect book for anyone who loved Aina Bestard's What's Hidden in the Woods or anyone who has ever spent hours spotting Where's the Wookiee?

With tonnes of hilarious, mischievous animals to spot - as well as other hidden gems - this is the perfect interactive picture book for children and adults to enjoy together. A great way to get children 3 years and up to develop their concentration and visual skills in a fun and engaging way.  

Lo Cole creates illustrations for an astonishing number of clients including The Times, New Scientist, Vogue, Sony Music, Greenpeace and The Royal Shakespeare Company, and is published by HarperCollins, Penguin and Walker Books among others. He is the son of Joanne and Michael Cole, creators of the book and TV series Bod, first published 50 years ago.

Illustrated by:
Lo Cole
Publication Date:
June 01, 2017
Age Range:
From 3 years