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r.r.p £6.99

Hooray for Knickers

A fantastically funny madcap royal adventure from Jill Lewis and Deborah Allwright where EVERYONE ends up wearing knickers - even the King! An epic series of misheard orders leads to silliness upon silliness and a GIANT fold-out page at the end. 

King Grouchy desperately wants to be friends with Prince Jolly so he invites him for a swim - everything at the palace has to be perfect! But when the King is in a bad mood his servants keep hiding and can't hear his orders - could Prince Jolly end up with goats instead of floats and smelly kippers instead of flippers?

From some of the creators behind Don't Read This BookMrs Vickers' Knickers and The Night Pirates comes a riotous romp packed with silly rhymes (and plenty of knickers) - perfect for reading out loud.

Deborah Allwright has made a dramatic impact on the picture book scene since the publication of The Night Pirates. Thanks to the hugely successful She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain and the critically acclaimed Don't Read this Book! Deborah has become one of the UK's most celebrated and successful illustrators. She works in a studio in Islington, stopping only to attend designer clothes sales, and to do a spot of DJing at music festivals.

Jill Lewis is actually two people! Jill Walkinton and Alison Lewis combine their talents (education and theatre production) to bring a fresh, inventive voice to the world of picture books. For Egmont, they have written Don't Read This BookCoconut Jack and Something Delicious.

Jill Lewis
Deborah Allwright
Publication Date:
April 07, 2016
Age Range:
From 3 years