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r.r.p £6.99

Marvel Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Shopping Mall

An original fiction title starring Rocket and Groot from the highly popular Guardians of the Galaxy film.

This middle grade novel, perfect for 8-12 year olds, follows Rocket Raccoon and his walking, talking tree buddy Groot, as they crash-land on a mysterious planet made up of 99 cent stores, nail salons and low-end chain restaurants … basically it’s a planet made entirely of shopping malls!

There are also robot employees bent on destruction, toilets that want to eat anyone that comes near them, flying teeth, killer yo-yos, and Veronica: a highly intelligent tape dispenser that has the skills of a ninja!

This is first in a series of original Rocket and Groot novels written and illustrated by Tom Angleberger, creator of the Origami Yoda series.

Look out for Marvel Rocket and Groot: Keep on Truckin'!

Illustrated by:
Tom Angleberger
Publication Date:
March 09, 2017
Age Range:
From 8 years