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r.r.p £4.99

Star Wars: Joke Book (NEW)

What did the rancor say when it ate the Wookiee?

Mmm ... chewy!

What did Leia do when you she kept dropping the chopsticks?

She used the forks!

Why can’t you get rid of BB-8?

Because he’s always a-round!

The updated Star Wars Joke Book is sure to have you laughing your head off, with over 70 new jokes, refreshed images and all your favourite new characters. Enjoy 96 pages of comedy gold from the galaxy far, far away. Use these jokes on your friends to be crowned the funniest Star Wars fan around!

Look out for companion titles Yoda's Puzzles, with brainteasers to test your Jedi wisdom, and Star Wars Mini Mazes, with over 60 mazes to find your way through.

Publication Date:
October 03, 2019
Age Range:
From 7-10 years