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The Adventures of Water

An interactive, rip-roaring pop-up journey with the most influential substance of all time - WATER. Pull tabs, spin wheels, flip flaps and reveal the GIANT pop-ups to learn all you ever needed to know about water.

Water has been on Earth for millions and millions of years - but how much do you really know about it? Read this book to discover:

  • Where did water come from?
  • How much water is there on Earth?
  • How many molecules are there in a raindrop?

And much, MUCH more! With colourful, graphic illustrations, engaging bitesize facts and surprising statistics covering vital curriculum topics like the water cycle, you'll never look at water the same way again.

The perfect interactive learning tool covering topics in key stage 2 Geography – ideal for all inquisitive children aged 7 and up.

Look out for The Adventures of Earth

Malcolm Rose worked as a research scientist and a lecturer in Chemistry at The Open University before he became a full-time writer. He has written over 30 books for children and has won the Angus Book Award twice and the Lancashire Children's Book of the Year award.

Sean Sims is a talented and successful designer and illustrator whose clients have included The BBC, The Discovery Channel, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Virgin.

Malcolm Rose
Illustrated by:
Sean Sims
Publication Date:
August 27, 2015
Age Range:
From 6 years