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The Adventures of Your Brain

An interactive pop-up journey all about you and your fascinating brain! Pull tabs, spin wheels, lift flaps and reveal the GIANT pop-ups to learn all you ever needed to know about how your brain works. 

Find out how fast neurons zip around the body carrying messages and delve into a world of external and internal senses. Explore how the brain controls every thought and every movement, even when you are asleep and dreaming. Neuroscience for beginners and much, MUCH more!

With colourful, graphic illustrations, engaging bitesize facts and surprising statistics covering vital curriculum topics, you'll never look at your brain the same way again. Offering a hands-on approach to a tricky subject, this is the perfect interactive learning tool covering topics in key stage 2 Science. 

Find more pop-up journeys in The Adventures of Water and The Adventures of Earth. 

Dan Green has an MA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and has written over 35 books for children, including the Basher Science series, which has sold over 2 million copies around the world. He lives in London.

Sean Sims is a talented and successful designer and illustrator whose clients have included the BBC, The GuardianThe Sunday Times, Virgin and Vodafone. He lives in Brighton.

Dan Green
Illustrated by:
Sean Sims
Publication Date:
July 27, 2017
Age Range:
From 6 years